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Straight Outta Yunnan

We started Yunnan Coffee Traders with an overwhelming desire to be a part of something really big yet very personal – an industry that started locally but stretched out globally.

While the opportunities to make great coffee with amazing people seemed endless, we wanted a way to create our own unique space in this phenomenal industry. To that end, we created our Vision, Mission, and Values to remind us of who we want to be; to keep us focussed; and to hold us accountable.

We invite you to learn more about what inspires us to be the world's number one exporter of Yunnan specialty coffee.


to be China's largest supplier

of Yunnan specialty coffee

to the global coffee community


Create opportunities for Yunnan farmers to engage in sustainable production practices

Employ industry best-practices for sourcing, processing, wholesaling, and exporting coffees.

Supply coffee to importers and roasters who care about sustainability, traceability, and transparency.


Uncompromising Quality in flavor

Zero Waste in production

Mutual Inspiration in partnerships