Q Processing Program

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What is the CQI Q Processing Program?

The CQI Q Processing Program recognizes and certifies competencies across the various stages of coffee processing. While the program is scientific and technical, it is also very hands-on.

Our program director, Timothy Heinze, is a progenitor of the specialty coffee industry in Menglian, which is currently the region producing the best specialty coffee in China. Tim’s expertise as an instructor comes from his 10+ years of growing and producing coffee in Yunnan, China.

More information about the CQI Processing Program is available on the CQI website.


The L1 Program (Generalist) aims to equip the “consumer” side of the coffee value chain. 

  • Shared language
  • Basic coffee biology
  • Fundamentals of producing consistently high-quality coffee


The L2 Program (Professional) aims to empower the “producer” side of the coffee value chain. The focus is on:

  • Production best practises (contextualized)
  • Fundamentals of manipulating coffee flavor
  • Techniques to minimize risk

Which Q Course is right for You?

The CQI Q Processing Program is the essential next step for industry professionals who work or intersect with coffee production.

If you work only in the consumer side of the industry or are simply a die-hard coffee aficionado, then we recommend the CQI Q Processing Program Level 1 (Generalist).

If you work or intersect with the producer side of the industry, then you are a good candidate for the CQI Q Processing Program Level 2 (Professional). This program has strict prerequisites, so please review the full course overview before signing up.

Where do you serve in the industry?

I want to learn how to produce large volumes of consistent, high-quality coffee.

I want to learn how to develop flavor profiles using different processing methods.

I want to gain access to farm-based technologies that improve coffee quality and reduce waste.

2019 Course Schedule

  • February 27 - March 4 • Sumatra, Indonesia

    Q Processing L2

  • March 13-19 • Minova, Republic of Congo

    Q Processing L1 and Q Processing L2

  • April 1-6 • Doi Chang, Chiang Rai, Thailand

    Q Processing L1 and Pre Q • Book Now

  • June 11-13 • Edinburgh, Scotland

    Q Processing L1 • Book Now

  • TBC August • Medan, Indonesia

    Q Cupping Essentials and Q Processing L1

  • TBC August • Bali, Indonesia

    Q Processing L2

  • TBC October • Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Q Arabica Grader and Q Processing L1

  • TBC November • Sumatra, Indonesia

    Q Processing L2